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13 more case files from Susan's blog posts. 

The bloody Bonners murder travelers

in the Wild West 

   Two assassins stalk Presidents . . .

   A rabbi pays a man to murder his wife.

       and a bonus case that defies description!

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"Well researched, well written and a scary treat. Stalkers, serial killers and homicidal killers ... sadistic people vividly and psychologically portrayed. A 5 star recommend!" -- Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

13 twisted true crime cases

  The Candy Man loves little boys to death.

  Love for Keeps? An obsessed man stalks Madonna

  Nobody's Perfect: A rabbi pays a man to murder his wife.

  The Butchers of Kansas: deadly deeds on the western frontier

  Angel of Death? a nurse murders veterans

  The Eyeball Killer Bizarre murders in Texas

  Arthur Bremer and John Hinkley Jr. stalk Presidents.

  A High-flying Star And a deadly stalker.

  Stalking a Genius The schoolgirl and the Greek grandpa

  Despicable Dad A man murders his wife in front of his children

  Bloodbath in Atlanta A stock trader runs amok

  From Hero to Monster Massacre at a hair salon

  The Strange Case of Amy Bishop A college professor with a dark past

Some experts believe serial killers murder as many as 180 people each year. Stalkers far outnumber serial killers. Although they may profess love for the objects of their obsession, many seriously injure or kill their "love object." Domestic homicide is rampant in the US. Some are crimes of passion. Others are carefully calculated. Why bother with a divorce when you can kill your spouse?

An award-winning crime novelist, Susan Fleet does exhaustive research on serial killers and stalkers, their methodology, psychological makeup and their victims. Since July 2011 millions of people have visited Susan's blog: DARK DEEDS: Serial killers, stalkers and domestic homicides.

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