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       June 06, 2012 12:05 AM

 Love for keeps?


Robert Hoskins wasn't just a fan of multi-talented pop icon Madonna. He was obsessed with her.

In April 1995, he scaled a wall and entered a courtyard adjacent to her Los Angeles home. Her bodyguard, Basil Stephens, saw him and chased him away. The next day Madonna's personal assistant, Caresse Henry, was alone in the house. When Hoskins rang the bell outside the gated entrance, she wouldn't let him in. Enraged, Hoskins threatened to kill Madonna and her bodyguard.


Aware that Hoskins, 37, had tried to enter the house the previous day, Caresse Henry called the bodyguard. Stephens quickly returned to the house. He confronted Hoskins, who said if Madonna didn't marry him that very evening, he would "slice her throat from ear to ear." Stephens chased him away. But as Hoskins was leaving he ran into Madonna, who was pedaling back to her house after a bike ride.

The Love Note


Fortunately, Hoskins didn't recognize her. When Madonna got to her house, Henry and Stephens told her what had happened. They called police, but officers were unable to find Hoskins. What they did find was a religious tract Hoskins had left inside the intercom box outside the gate. The pamphlet, titled Defiled, said those who do not dress properly should be punished, and sinners who fornicate outside of marriage should be killed.


Above the word "Defiled" Hoskins had printed: Madonna. Below it he printed: To Louise Ciccone [her middle and last names] I love you. Will You Be my Wife for keeps? Robert Dewey Hoskins  Around all of these words, Hoskins had drawn hearts.


On the back side of the tract, he printed (misspelling two words): I'm very sorry. Meet me somewhair. Love for keeps. Robert Dewey Hoskins. To one side he wrote: Be mind and I'll be yours.



Only about ten percent of stalkers are erotomanics, but most of them are very aggressive. They have the delusional belief that their "love object" is in love with them and that they are meant to be together. This becomes an obsession. No matter what the "love object" says or does, the erotomaniac knows "the truth."

Many become predatory stalkers. Sometimes these obsessions can turn deadly. Robert Hoskins, a mentally ill homeless man, believed Madonna was meant to be his wife.


Reprieve, then violence

When Hoskins didn't return the next day, or the next, Madonna and her employees felt relieved. But seven week later in May 1995, Hoskins again scaled the wall and entered the property. When Stephens confronted him, Hoskins threatened to kill him, lunged and grabbed the bodyguard's holstered gun. They struggled. Stephens regained control of the gun and repeatedly ordered Hoskins to surrender. When Hoskins lunged at him again, Stephens shot him twice in the abdomen. Police arrested him.


A Media Circus


At first, the press found the case amusing. Headlines referred to Hoskins as "Mr. Madonna" and portrayed him as a harmless eccentric. Their reports did not include his threat to slice Madonna's throat "from ear to ear." A British reporter asked prosecutors how they could prosecute this "poor man" who had been shot by Madonna's bodyguard. Prosecutors told him Hoskins was shot only after he had attacked and tried to kill the bodyguard.

What price fame?

No matter who the victim is, stalking takes its toll. Money and fame do not guarantee a good night's sleep. For months, hideous nightmares plagued Madonna. She did not want to testify at the trial, which was scheduled for January 1996. While she was out jogging with her trainer, a detective served her with a subpoena to be in court the next day.


Reporters swarmed the courthouse. Despite the subpoena, Madonna did not show up. Her lawyer argued that she need not appear since she was not a material witness. Prosecutors argued that they needed her testimony to establish that Hoskins' actions put her in fear for her safety.


The judge issued a "body attachment" in the amount of $5 million to guarantee her appearance. Similar to an arrest warrant, the document is issued when a witness has failed to appear in court as ordered. This was reported in newspapers and TV programs around the world.

The trial


In January 1996, the trial began. Two months earlier, the OJ Simpson trial had been held in the same courthouse. That trial had been televised, but prosecutors and defense lawyers asked that cameras not be allowed in Hoskins' trial. Potential jurors were questioned about their knowledge of the case. Most said they had seen media reports about it. When asked by the judge if they wanted cameras in the courtroom, the impaneled jurors said they did not. Thus, cameras were banned.


Madonna's testimony


Madonna was the first witness. When asked how she felt about being in court with Hoskins, she replied: "Sick to my stomach. I feel incredibly disturbed that the man who has repeatedly threatened my life is sitting across from me and we have now made his fantasies come true. I am sitting in front of him and that is what he wants."


She also testified about the nightmares she was having in which Hoskins was in her house, chasing her and trying to kill her.


The jury found Hoskins guilty of stalking, making terrorist threats, and assault on Madonna's bodyguard.

After the trial, a reporter asked one female juror whether she would have been afraid of Hoskins if she had been in Madonna's place. "Of course," she said. "Who wouldn't be?"

The Sentencing

While awaiting his sentencing, Hoskins put graffiti on the walls of his jail cell. "I Love Madonna" and "Madonna Love Me" and "The Madonna Stalker."

When confronted about this, Hoskins said Madonna wrote it, and that when he got out of jail he was going to "slice the lying bitch's throat from ear to ear."

The judge sentenced him to the maximum term of 10 years in jail. But incarceration didn't end his obsession with Madonna. While in a locked-down criminal psychiatric facility, Hoskins told a psychiatrist that the first thing he was going to do upon his release was buy a gun and "start shooting at the stars."  He also said that when he attacked the bodyguard, he knew that Stephens was really "Madonna in male form" and that Madonna's spirit could leave her body and become someone else.

And the Beat goes on

In September 2010, New York City police arrested Robert Linhart after finding him outside Madonna's apartment with a pocket knife in a bag and an ice pick in his pickup truck. On the back of the truck were signs proclaiming his love for Madonna.

The retired NYC firefighter then wrote on Twitter: "Four cowardly rogue NYPD officers beat a handcuffed 59 yo man. He's arrested for nothing except speaking his mind. It will all come to light."

The case was dismissed, because prosecutors failed to meet a deadline. The Manhattan DA appealed. The charges were reinstated and a trial set for June 2012.

"I won't stop until I actually meet Madonna," said Linhart, 61.

It gets worse

Meanwhile, after his release from prison, Robert Hoskins received psychiatric treatment in various hospitals. On February 4, 2012, he escaped from a mental health facility in a Los Angeles suburb.

Police notified Madonna and issued a warning to the public saying "Hoskins is highly psychotic and when not taking his medications, he has very violent tendencies." A week later, police arrested him and returned him to the facility.

Hoskins' creepy storage locker

Because Hoskins failed to pay the rent on his storage locker, the contents were auctioned off. They included his collection of Madonna memorabilia, a cache of knives, including a butcher's blade and a hunting knife, several dolls and photographs. Photos courtesy CBS

In one photograph, Hoskins showed off the large Madonna tattoo on his stomach.

One of the dolls was headless, apparently decapitated by a sharp instrument. 

For more details on this and other cases see DARK DEEDS, Volume Two: Serial killers, stalkers and domestic homicides

Okay folks, what's your take? Are fame and the fortune it brings worth it? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Sources: absolutemadonna.com/hoskins  by Rhonda Saunders, J.D., who prosecuted the case


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[ Posted by Sandra Nachlinger, June 03, 2012 7:46 PM ]
     Creepy story. After John Lennon and other celebrities being targeted by lunatic fans, you'd think the police would take stalking seriously! For me, I can't imagine that fame and fortune would be worth the negatives that come with it.

[ Posted by Haley, June 05, 2012 2:26 PM ]
     Being the Hermit Curmudgeon that I am, I think not: too many scary sickos out there! Plus, the general public (majority, at least as far as I can see) can't bridge the gap between violence against women and just plain violence unless the woman winds up dead from the encounter. THEN they're all sympathetic: morons.

[ Posted by admin, June 05, 2012 8:37 PM ]
     Nor can I. Imagine needing to have a live-in body guard ...

[ Posted by admin, June 05, 2012 8:39 PM ]
     Agreed. Springfield MA cop just got murdered on a domestic violence call. Man shot him, shot his estranged girl friend, then killed himself. The woman, last I heard, was in the hospital.

[ Posted by Myrna, June 07, 2012 4:11 PM ]
     OMG...I'm so glad I'm a silly little old no-body !!!!

[ Posted by Villalobos Body, November 29, 2012 10:51 PM ]
     I met with Robert Dewey Hoskins in 2010. He wanted to tell his side of the story, he really believed he was married to Madonna. The story is deeper than you think. I created a documentary about his, and his obsession. He gave me home video and a memoir he began writing. search luv for keeps on AMAZON

[ Posted by admin, December 01, 2012 3:30 PM ]
     Thanks for the comment. Mr. Hoskins may have believed he was married to Madonna, but in fact, he was not. Many stalkers are mentally ill and totally believe that the object of their obsession reciprocates their love. That's part of the illness.

posted by SUSAN FLEET   June 06, 2012 12:05 AM  Stalkers 


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