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Frank renzi


February 07, 2012 16:19      

permalink   Super Bowl, Pooper Bowl 

Were you one of the 111.3 million couch-potatoes watching the Super Bowl Sunday night? One of the twits tweeting about it on the so-called "social media"? If I sound pissed about that, I am. People who know me know that I speak my mind. So get ready for a Frank Renzi Rant on why all the Super Bowl hype totally ticks me off.

Super Bowl Stats

Are you ready for the stupid-stats?

  • 47.6 percent of all households in the U.S. tuned in to the game
  • 11 million slices of pizza of Domino's pizza sold to viewers
  • $10.8 million dollars spent on beer for the game
  • $3.5 million buckarinos, the average price for one 30-second ad during the game

It get's worse. Here are some tweet stats:

  • 12,233 Tweets/second near the end of the game
  • 10,245 Tweets/second during Madonna's halftime performance

And worse!  Here's what the tweets were ABOUT

  • 42% of them were about the commercials!
  • 14% of them focused on one brand, but I'm not gonna tell you which one. Look it up yourself. Hint: it's about food, the favorite distraction of Super Bowl couch potatoes.
  • 15% of the Tweets were about ... Tom Brady of course, and his sexy-supermodel wife
  • Only 4% were about winning quarterback Eli Manning. What's up with that? Doesn't Eli have a sexy wife?
  • 32% were about Madonna and the halftime show
  • And only 2% of the tweets, that's right 2%, were about the actual football game.

So why am I being such a party-pooper? 

[Or pawty-pooper as they say in New Orleans.]

  • Because I live in New Orleans now
  • I'm an NOPD homicide detective.
  • There are too damn many murders in New Orleans

I'm not gonna sugarcoat the pill. You want "social stats"? How about these?

  • During the 1-month period prior to the Super Bowl there were 20 murders in New Orleans. 20 murders in 31 days in January 2012.
  • That's 20 people who didn't get to watch the Super Bowl and they never will
  • 20 people with families and loved ones who are grieving
  • 20 people who'll never eat a pizza or drink a beer again
  • 20 human beings with relatives that some NOPD cop had to visit and tell them their son, daughter, brother, sister, mother or father was dead

My point

Since I moved here from Boston a few years ago, I've grown to love this town. But it pains me as a cop, hell, it pains me as a human being, that this town is the murder capital of America.

Grieving grandmotherLast year in 2011, homicides jumped 14% in New Orleans: 199 men, women and children were murdered, which made the city's homicide rate the highest in the country, nearly 58 murders per 100,000 residents, or 12 times the national rate.

At left: he grandmother of 2-year-old Jeremy Galmon, with blood on her sleeve, was babysitting three of her grandchildren when Jeremy was shot in the face. Jeremy died an hour later.

And 2012 is starting out the same. So don't expect me to get excited about a freaking football game. Bottom line? The life of one human being is worth a helluva lot more than a touchdown or a slice of pizza. In case you don't get my point, here it is again: if even HALF the people who drank those beers and ate those pizzas had donated that money to improve the quality of life in the cities they live in ... things like better schools and teachers, or hiring more police and creating crime prevention programs ... their cities would have fewer murders and smarter citizens. The Super Bowl is a just a boondoggle for the TV network and the companies that make booze and food. And a pacifier for the masses ... to keep them happily in line.

That's my rant, and I'm sticking to it.

And if you want to know what I really think, pick up a copy of Absolution and Diva. If you want to add your own rant about this, be my guest and make a comment.

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