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  Dumb Criminal Tricks  

May 17, 2012 14:39      

permalink   Dimwit Criminals 

Dimwit Criminals


Okay, folks, my last rant was pretty ugly, and I don't want you to think I don't have a sense of humor, so for this one I decided to lighten up. This may come as a surprise to you, but a lot of criminals do really stupid things. You've heard of stupid pet tricks? Criminals are worse. Hey, if they were smart they'd be making big bucks on Wall Street. For a couple of samples, read on.


Take my baby, please


Tanya wanted a gun. Why? Who knows, but I'm guessing it wasn't to shoot varmints in her backyard out in Mesa, Arizona. Arizona gun laws are relatively loose, but convicted felons can't buy guns. And Tanya, age 33, couldn't buy a gun. But she had a 2-year old daughter.


So Tanya came up with an ingenious plan. Trade her baby for a gun. Simple, right? One of her relatives owned a gun, so she called him and offered to trade her 2-year-old for his gun. What could go wrong?


The relative refused.

But a week later, Tanya walked into his place of employment, handed him her daughter and again asked him to give her a gun. I guess she figured that was a fair exchange.

The relative took the baby but he didn't give her the gun.


Soon, police got a tip about Tanya's request and arrested her. When they asked why she'd given away her daughter, she said she didn't feel she could raise the girl properly and gave her to someone who could. Police charged her with unlawful sale of a child and solicitation to acquire a gun by a person prohibited from owning one, namely a convicted felon.


The 2-year-old is with her father's family now. Tanya is in jail.

Good Mothers?


In case you haven't noticed, Tanya's not the only mother in the news. We had one on the cover of Time Magazine breastfeeding her 3-year-old son. Now there's a big debate raging about so-called "attachment parenting." I'm not going to put up the Time Magazine cover. If you haven't seen it, you've either been in a coma for a week or you're blind. The kid on the cover was three, but some mothers think it's okay to breastfeed their kids until they're five or six years old.


What if Johnny (or Janey) brings a friend home from kindergarten? Does Mom give the friend a glass of milk and breastfeed Johnny? That would get around the playground pretty fast.

Here's my take. Parents have basic responsibilities. When the child is young, they have to provide them with certain basics. But their most important responsibility is to prepare the child to become an independent adult. These days children are leaving the nest later and later. We've got thirty-year-olds living with mom and dad. I don't think this is healthy. Believe me, if you keep on supporting them, they'll let you. Why make it easy for them? Out of the nest. Sink or swim.


I'd be shocked if you don't have an opinion on this, so have at it. The comment form is at the end of the post. But first, I don't want you to think I'm just picking on women, so here's another dumb criminal story.

Facebook Fever


Jonathan was 19-years-old and he needed money. His mother probably wanted to give him away too. I can hear it now. "Take my kid, please." Jonathan didn't have a job so he came up with a brilliant plan. Steal something valuable and sell it. Nothing unusual about that. This happens a lot, trust me, not just in Pennsylvania where dimwitted Jonathan pulled his caper.


He broke into a neighbor's house and stole two diamond rings, worth about $3,500. He did this in broad daylight, but he knew his neighbors were at work. Things were going so well, Jonathan made a fatal decision. He decided to check his Facebook account. You know, to see what his friends were doing. A fatal error? No. But his next one was.


After he played around on Facebook to see what all his friends were doing, he left the neighbor's house.

But he forgot to log out of his Facebook account.


When the neighbor came home, she found evidence of a break-in. Some of her cabinets were open and there were other signs that a burglar had been there. Alarmed, she went in her bedroom and discovered that two diamond rings were missing from her dresser.


Then she noticed that her computer was running. And guess what? Jonathan's Facebook page was sitting there on her computer, plain as could be. She called police, and almost as quick as you can say "Facebook" the police went to Jonathan's house and arrested him.


He denied everything, of course.

It gets worse. One of his Facebook friends told police that the night before the burglary, Jonathan asked him if he'd like to help break into the neighbor's house. The "friend" refused.


At last report, the rings haven't been found. Jonathan is in jail, charged with felony burglary. If convicted he faces up to 10 years of jail time. I don't know if his mother bailed him out or not.


So there you have it folks. A couple of dimwit criminals. Got a comment? Have at it. The comment form is right there. NOPD homicide detective Frank Renzi signing off.

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[ Posted by Sandra McLeod Humphrey, May 19, 2012 9:38 ]
     Unbelievable! I guess truth is stranger than fiction!

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